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Amanda on Layovers!

The "Quiet Room" in Philadelphia Airport
Sleeping Room
This is where I sleep during the day between Redeye Trips! I arrive in Philadelphia around 6:00am. I change clothes and sleep on a couch until about 2:00 or 3:00pm. Then I get up and get ready to fly back to the west coast.
In May of 2004, I had a Los Angeles Layover. I met my Dad and we took my niece, Anne Marie, on a boat trip over to Catalina for the day. We hooked up with my stepmom, Suzi, while we were there (she was on a "Quilting Cruise.") Catalina was a ton of fun. We rented a golf cart and rode all around the town.
At the Bullfight
My first Madrid Layover in 2005! I went to a Bullfight.
Munich 2005
Christmas in Munich
Munich at Christmas time is Magical.