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Flight Attendant Training

My first training trip
Training Trip to the Bahamas
This was my very first training trip as a flight attendant for Piedmont Airlines. We flew from North Carolina to Nassau in the Bahamas. This was the first time I got to "work" as a flight attendant. We did not get to sit in the jumpseats, but we worked the beverage carts and got to see exactly what the job entailed.
Dad pins on my wings
Dad pins on my wings
May 31, 1989: At our Flight Attendant Graduation, my dad, who was a Captain for Piedmont Airlines, pinned on my wings. We were the last class of 1989 to receive Piedmont Wings. The Piedmont/USAir merger was already underway and we would soon become USAir.
My Last Piedmont Flight
Last Piedmont Trip
August 4, 1989: The day of the change-over from Piedmont to USAir, I was flying on one of the last airplanes to have the Piedmont Paint Scheme. This picture was taken on the ramp at Norfolk, VA. I am the flight attendant on the far right. I was still a flight attendant on probation, so notice that I have my hair pulled back into a bun. Although I am not wearing heels. I think I wore heels to my interview and not once afterwards! The Piedmont Aircraft all had names. This one was the Mississippi Valley Pacemaker.