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Steven Weber
Amanda and Steven Weber
Christmas 1992: Steven Weber, star of the TV show "Wings", was flying with some friends to Charleston, SC for a wedding. We brought him from Los Angeles to Charlotte, NC. He was very gracious. He came to the back galley and chatted with us for quite a while. He also took pictures with all the flight attendants. This was an old Eastern Boeing 757 that USAir had bought and it still had the Old Galley in the back.
A Proposal
A Proposal in Boston
Summer 1998: This gentleman wanted to propose to his girlfriend when we landed in Boston. He passed out white roses to all the passengers on our airplane, and showed them a picture of his girlfriend. She would be waiting for him at the gate, so when each passenger got off, they walked up to her and handed her a white rose. The boyfriend got off the airplane last with one red rose and got down on bended knee to ask her to marry him! I wonder how they are doing now?
Goofing Around
Goofing Around in the Back Galley
December 4, 1999: When you don't have hunky guys on your flight, you have to make your own fun. On this day, the other flight attendants and I started cutting out photos of hunky guys from magazines and we taped them up on the wall of the back galley of the 757.
The Broken Windshield: Part I
Broken Windshield
This happened on our way back from Munich at Christmas time in 2005. Just after takeoff from Munich, the captain called to say that we were having a slight problem and we were landing in Amsterdam.
The Broken Windshield: Part II
Out with the old and in with the new
Luckily, KLM is based in Amsterdam and they fly Boeing 767's. We were able to get a new windshield from them and it only took about 4 hours to replace it and we were on our way back to the States for Christmas!