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Whispered Watchword April 1998

Arlington National Cemetery-a Series Book Site?

The Grave Stone

This past February, I was visiting my sister in Washington, DC. We had been visiting some used bookstores and I remembered that Walter Karig (author of three Nancy Drew books, including one of my favorites, Password to Larkspur Lane) was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. We decided to make a pilgrimage out to his gravesite. I should say, I decided and dragged my sister along with me.

It seemed like a daunting task to find Mr. Karig's stone from the many that dot the hillsides. Fortunately, the visitor center at the cemetery can locate any grave and provide a map with the location highlighted. We headed for grave number 2179 in section 30. It was quite easy to find. It is located just a few rows north of President Kennedy and Jacklyn Kennedy Onassis' eternal flame.

If your vacation plans take you to the nation's capitol, it is possible to squeeze in some series book trivia between the Smithsonian and FBI headquarters. The Arlington National Cemetery is easily accessible by metro and in addition to MR. Karig and the Kennedys the cemetery contains the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a memorial for the Challenger Astronauts.