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This fireball extinguisher weighs less than 3 pounds and requires no training. SAFE FOR USE on Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills, Class C (energized electrical fires) SELF ACTIVATING.

Simply throw or roll into a fire and it will self-activate within 3 to 5 seconds FIREBALL SET 

Each fireball comes with a vibrant red and white vinyl adhesive sign that is sure to catch the attention - in case of an emergency in your area ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Non-toxic Safe Around People and Pets, No inspection and maintenance requirement for a life span of the product - Shelf life of 5 years. Have sound level impulsive noise 101dB*-140dB*that does not exceed The threshold Limit Values For Physical Agents of American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists that could be as fire-alarm, and be warning for fire and Fire Extinguishing Ball working. Greater Safety for users - No need to face dangerous flames and gases at close distances.

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